MBA Service Spotlight: Free Online Training for Your Team with P1 Learning

One of the many things you have to provide for your team is top-notch training. And as broadcast professionals on an individual level, investing in your own resume with some training is never a bad idea. But there’s one big problem – training is expensive. Whether you are taking a course in how to be a better manager, an online class in closing deals, or you just need to get through federally-mandated sexual harassment education for your workplace, there’s a lot of different ways to sink a training budget.


We truly believe that investing in great training is one of the best things a broadcast organization, or individual, can do – which is why one of the services we offer is free (yes, FREE) training through P1 Learning. This is a video-based training academy that offers tons of courses – anything from Broadcast History, Sales and Promotions, or Traffic, to Time Management, how to “Dress for Success”, and a lot more. When Stephanie, our new Digital Communication Specialist, arrived at the MBA, she was coming from the general marketing industry, and had never worked in broadcasting before. P1 turned out to be a great way to get her up to speed on how broadcast traffic works, and now she’s in charge of all the invoicing for our MO-PEP traffic.


The Short and Sweet Version: MBA MO-PEP Participants get FREE access to dozens of full training courses, from beginner to advanced levels, many of which allow you to skip out on paying for federally-required training. You can invest in your team…for FREE. Seriously.


The video courses are anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes long – perfect for short attention spans and even shorter periods of free time. And P1 has a system that allows managers to check that team members actually watched the video in full, took the quiz at the end, and passed it. And hey – did we mention it’s free? For MBA MO-PEP participants, you have totally free access to this tool.


P1 isn’t just for beginners, either. They offer advanced courses in sales, management, and more.


The reason we chose to highlight this service first in this blog series, is due to a brand new training opportunity that P1 is offering. We’ll let Jennifer, over at P1, tell you in her own words:


Solution-Driven Marketing Professionals are about to take sales to a new level. And we think you should be one of them. 

This FREE tiered training curriculum is designed to meet you where you’re at in your sales career by giving you hands-on learning materials that apply to your current sales situation. And the best part? You’re get the recognition for the expertise you gain. You will receive:

  • Tools proven to enhance your sales expertise.
  • Outward recognition to give you a leg up with prospective clients.

Plus, it’ll be officiated by:

  • A letter of recognition for your portfolio.
  • An email badge linked to a description of your qualification.
  • Acknowledgement from your state broadcasters association.

This new opportunity is a three-tiered training curriculum that meets you where you’re at in your career and provides you with:  

  • Sales tips that apply to your current sales situation.
  • Hands-on activities that interact with your clients.
  • Public recognition for the expertise you gain.

The three tiers include:

  • P1 – A Solution-Driven Marketing Professional who’s held a position of Broadcast Account Executive for two (2) years or more and sets the standard for branding, marketing and customer service. Click here to learn more.
  • P2 – A Solution-Driven Marketing Professional who’s held the position of Broadcast Account Executive for six (6) months or more and applies branding, marketing and service principles effectively. Click here to learn more.
  • P3 – A Solution-Driven Marketing Professional who’s fresh to the industry and has a basic understanding of branding, marketing, and customer service. Click here to learn more.

It’s a pretty nifty program, and it’s a great representation of how P1 works in every other course they offer as well.

P1 also offers other programs at a discount for our members, such as the ability to create custom training programs for your team’s specific needs. Contact Terry Harper, Director of Member Services, at or 573-636-6692, to learn more.


Stay tuned to the blog – later this month, we’ve got a fantastic interview with Hall of Fame inductee Marci Burdick to share!