MBA Idea Xchange Facebook Group

MBA Stations,

It goes without saying that you are not alone in this time of crisis.  All radio and television stations are having to adjust and make hard decisions. I heard from a former boss of mine that “ideas are a broadcaster’s currency”.

Many great ideas are borrowed!  In this unprecedented time, we need to help our fellow broadcasters.  To that end we have set up a Facebook Group for networking and idea exchange.  More specifically, we are looking for:

  • Sales ideas that you have put in place that are bringing in revenue now.  Please don’t include particular clients or specific dollar amounts.  Feel free to include the category of business and number of clients sold, and any other information that you won’t have a problem sharing with a competitor.
  • Community outreach ideas that you are currently doing that are helping your listeners and viewers during this pandemic.
  • Promotional ideas that continue to remind your audience how important your stations are during this time without appearing to be “self-serving”!
  • Other ideas could include ways you are operating your stations without putting your employees in “harm’s way.”

As the MBA hears of ideas we will also share.

To join the Facebook Group, click here and request to join, or contact Rachael ( or Terry ( and give them the email address you use to log in to Facebook.



This is an example of an idea that was shared with us from an anonymous Missouri broadcaster via email:

“We’ve started recording an interview for our clients (about :90) regarding the changes they’ve made to protect their employees and customers while still serving the public.  We’ve done several of these.  They work well and clients love them. We do it week by week with the offer each week of recording a new one. They run at least once per day or more if they choose. Weekly package.  Everyone of mine renewed for another week today.”

If you would like to suggest ideas anonymously, we will post them here and to the Facebook Group for you. Please email us! Thank you!