Jobs jobs jobs! Let the MBA help you find – or fill – one!

By Rachael Heffner

When it comes to jobs, have you been looking for a while? Maybe you are the one who needs a new position, or you are a manager looking to fill one. Either way, the Missouri Broadcasters Association is a great resource for both parties! In fact, we have so many different resources to share with you that instead of highlighting each one on social media, or sending them out in our weekly e-newsletter, we thought we’d gather them together in one blog article!

As someone who was unemployed for 8 long months (thanks, COVID), I can personally attest to the fact that serious job seekers desperately cling to any possible help they can get, keeping their eyes and ears peeled for leads or even unexpected opportunities. And a lot of those in the broadcast industry do not realize that the MBA has its own job board with openings across the state – as well as some just outside the state border in markets that still cover Missouri cities and towns. (I honestly wish I would’ve known about all of these resources when I was still job hunting. There is some serious gold here.)

I also suspect many Missouri broadcasters do not know that they can post their openings on our job board completely free of charge! I once answered a call from one of our desperate members looking for a part-time engineer, and as a small station in a tiny town, he didn’t even know where to begin his search so he just called us. I was happy to help him put together a job posting, and I would do the same for you if/when you needed it! But just know you can visit our website,, and you can submit a job listing there. You could also just send me an email, and I’ll post it on the job board for you ( I then like to promote the job board in multiple places, and just in case you’re wondering, it gets a LOT of clicks, so what are you waiting for??

For those looking for a position, check out these resources:

1) Visit the MBA’s webpage at and click on “Careers”, then “Job Openings” on the pulldown menu.
2) Add yourself to the Jacobs Media directory of broadcasters who are looking for employment. Go to and upload your resume, aircheck, demo, etc. It’s free!
3) Take a look at Media Staffing Network ( and click on “I Want A Job”. Under the “Submit Your Resume” section, you’ll find a link to their job board. But they also offer a lot of help as far as preparing you for a new position, like professional assistance with creating/tweaking your resume. Their expert coaches can also show you where to look, and how to apply/interview/follow up. Also, don’t forget to join their mailing list to see new opportunities on a regular basis!
4) Check out what the non-profit NAB Leadership Foundation has to offer at this link: They have plenty of broadcast opportunities listed from all over the country, with links to their “Latest Jobs” posted right on their front page!
5) The NASBA – or “National Alliance of State Broadcasters” – site ( is another where you can register, upload your resume, then start applying to the endless jobs they have from around the country (seriously – there are 60 PAGES worth of them!) You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t even take a quick peek!

Just a note from someone who spent waaay too long looking for a new position: it’s 100% worth the trouble to register on these sites and even sign up for their mailing lists to get new opportunities in your inbox regularly. Job hunting can be a full-time job in itself, so do yourself a favor and have the jobs come to you. It’s how I found my position at MBA! I wish you the best of luck landing that next job, which may be (or turn into) the career of your dreams! It IS possible – especially now that you are preparing for a new, fresh start anyway!

For those looking to fill a position, check out these resources:

1) Take a look at MBA’s website at and click on “Careers”, then “Submit A Job Opening” on the pulldown menu. After you create a job listing, we will then look it over for any errors, approve and post it!
2) Jacobs Media has a free directory to help radio broadcasters find talent for hire. That includes on-air talent, managers, sales experts, engineers, those in production, etc. You can also filter search results for things like job role and station format. Find the directory here:
3) The Media Staffing Network only deals with media jobs. Visit this link: and click on “I Need To Hire”. According to their website, they are the “only full service search and consulting firm that is focused on media sales jobs across all media.” All candidates are personally screened and qualified by a recruiter with no upfront fees!
4) The NAB Leadership Foundation has a job board where you can post broadcast openings. Just click on this link: They offer multiple packages to suit whatever your needs might be.
5) Check out NASBA’s site: Not only can you post openings after registering, but they also facilitate virtual job fairs for broadcast groups across the country! Contact the MBA for a code that will give you access to post job openings.

Did I miss one that we should share? Please let me know!

Otherwise, happy hunting!