FCC Announces Fee File to be Decommissioned December 15

On December 1, 2021, the FCC released a Public Notice announcing that effective December 15, 2021 Fee Filer will be decommissioned and permanently discontinued.  After December 15, the FCC will only accept funds through the new CORES payment module, including regulatory fees, application fees, and ULS Fees.  In addition, effective December 15, 2021, the FCC will also decommission and permanently discontinue its existing Red Light Display System.  This system has been merged into CORES and may be accessed there.

In order to utilize these functions through CORES, users will need to establish a CORES account with an FCC Username (an email address) and password, and then associate their FRN to that account.  Registration can be completed using this link.  Once the FRN is associated, you can select “Manage Existing FRNs/FRN Financial/Bills and Fees” and then select “FRN Financial” to view your current financial standing with the FCC (red or green light status) and view and pay open installment bills.

The FCC is switching to new CORES for management of many regulatory issues, which will require all relevant personnel to establish a CORES account and associate that account with the entity’s FRN.  Thus, once a CORES account is established for the entity you will also need to grant your attorneys, engineers, and other regulatory personnel access to that entity’s FRN.  Each individual will be required to set up their own CORES account which they will then associate with the relevant FRN or FRNs.  More than one individual can associate with an FRN and each individual is permitted to have more than one FRN associated with their account.   The first person to associate an entity’s FRN with an account will be an administrator for the account.  The administrator will be required to grant permissions to subsequent user requests to associate an FRN with an account.  If these individuals do not have access, then they will likely be unable to work on your regulatory issues in the near future.