Chairwoman Rosenworcel Announces Staffing Changes

On April 4, 2022, the Chairwoman released two announcements related to staffing changes in Chairwoman Rosenworcel’s office.  First, the Chairwoman announced that her Acting Chief of Staff, Travis Litman, would be departing her office in the near future.  The Chairwoman thanked Travis for his service and applauded his distinguished career at the agency.

Second, the Chairwoman announced that as of today, Priscilla Delgado Argeris would serve as her Chief Legal Counsel, who previously served with Meta Platforms, Inc. focusing on spectrum policy issues for the company.  She previously served as then Commissioner Rosenworcel’s legal advisor and senior legal advisor on wireline and wireless issues.  In addition, Narda Jones will be returning to the FCC in mid-April to serve as Chairwoman Rosenworcel’s Chief of Staff.  She returns to the FCC, where she had previously served in the Wireline and International Bureaus, after serving at the White House as the Director of Legislative Affairs for the Office of Science and Technology and as the Senior Technology Policy Advisor for the Democratic staff of the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Transportation, and Science.

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