FCC Opens New Private Entity Robocall Portal

On December 20, 2022, the Enforcement Bureau announced that, pursuant to TRACED ACT directives and FCC rules, it had launched the new online portal through which private entities can alert the FCC of suspicious robocall, robotext, and spoofing campaigns.  The portal can be found at: https://www.fcc.gov/enforcement/private-entity-robocall-spoofing-portal.  Entities will be required to submit detailed information, including: the entity name, contact information, caller ID information, phone number called, date and time of the calls or texts, service provider, and a description.

The FCC recognizes that users of this form might include “a corporation or association experiencing a deluge of robocalls overwhelming their internal phone network, voice service providers that found evidence of illegal robocalls traversing their networks, or private entities that have had their number(s) spoofed.”  Complaints from public entities or individual consumers should not be submitted in this portal; instead such complaints should be filed using the existing Consumer Complaint Center Phone Complaint form.

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