MBA Awards FAQs

 How do I know if my station is an MBA member?   

Stations that are current MBA members will be listed on the station dropdown list when you start your entry. 

How do I know if my station is a participant in MO-PEP, qualifying for the discounted entry fee?

The platform automatically discounts entry fees for stations who participate in MO-PEP. 

What if my entry is longer than the maximum length?

Your entry won’t be disqualified, but the judges are not required to view or listen to entries beyond the maximum length. As an example, it could be in your best interest to edit out the best 3-5 minutes of a program, rather than have the judge view or listen to a long intro. You can always use the notes section to further explain the entry if needed. 

What do I do if my entry doesn’t fit into a clearly defined category?

Here are some situations we often get questions about:

A tornado, flood or snow event – Typically, if there is an extraordinary weather event that is reported by the news team, after an event, the entry could go into the Breaking News category. If the weather team is warning or reporting on the event before or during the event, that would most likely fit the Breaking Weather Event category.  The same event could qualify for both categories, but you might submit slightly different entries.

Special Program (TV only) vs. Documentary/Public Affairs –  Viewing the category criteria often helps determine the category that will work best for your entry.

Investigative story on radio – Usually the entry will work in the Feature or News Series category. 

If I’m submitting an entry for a series, am I required to separate the files?

While you are not required to separate the files, it helps the judges view them individually. 


Contact Terri if you have any questions or issues.