3 Easy Steps To More Engaging, Authentic, And Profitable Copy

Broadcast Sellers have learned to consistently outperform other media representatives by providing more value to their clients. A massive contributor to a broadcaster’s value proposition is the willingness to commit to being an ongoing student of creativity and to acquire the skill sets to best position the strengths of advertiser messages. Blaine and Honey Parker, LBS Branding Experts and owners/operators of Slow Burn Marketing, have become influential contributors to Local Broadcast Sales. In this webinar, be prepared to raise your level of innovation performance with your ad messages.

Blaine Parker is a national-award-winning Creative Director and copywriter whose career focus has been small business. He’s helped build ROI for hundreds of local businesses across the country. In the process, twice he was honored with the Radio Mercury Award (essentially the Oscars of radio advertising), plus dozens of other awards. At the same time, he has done plenty of work for big brands you know and might even love.

Honey Parker is an award-winning advertising creative. Beginning life as a New York advertising art director, Honey quickly switched over to copywriting. (Better hours.) Her career peaked on Madison Avenue as Senior VP at the iconic Grey Advertising. Beckoned by a career as an LA freelancer, Honey answered, servicing powerhouse agencies and creative boutiques. Her agency roster includes Saatchi & Saatchi, Rubin Postaer, Deutsch, Ogilvy, McCann, J. Walter, Team One, David & Goliath, and Donat/Wald.