Better Advertising Campaigns Aren’t Just Essential, They’re Existential

The primary reason that most commercials still look and sound as bad as they did 40 years ago (big announcer voices reading scripts riddled with cliches, disclaimers, loud music, and noise), is simply because that is all the client knows about advertising.  And for the most part, it’s all many of us in management, sales, production, and promotions know. We, like our clients, think commercials are supposed to look and sound like commercials.  And in 2023, that’s a problem.

Radio and television revenues are decreasing for various reasons, including the Pandemic, new media choices, and a wobbly economy. So, for our clients and us, better advertising campaigns aren’t just essential; they’re existential.

In this special session, veteran local direct expert Paul Weyland shows you how to come up with genius creative ideas whether you think you have a creative bone in your body or not. You’ll learn how to wow clients with fresh new ideas they would have never come up with on their own—better creativity means more sales for the client, more revenues for stations, and even better ratings.

Paul works with local radio and television stations across the country. Every week he deals directly with local direct clients. You’ll come away from the session fresh with great ideas, you can go out and pitch immediately. And because this is a Paul Weyland session, you’ll also be thoroughly entertained.