Covering Guns: What Every Journalist Should Know

What strategies and information can help empower newsrooms for covering the conversation over gun laws at the local, state and national levels?

Al Tompkins from the Poynter Institute will cover key topics including:
• Increasing your gun literacy: in order to have credibility with the audience, journalists have to know the difference between gauges, calibers, semi-automatic versus automatic weapons and what gun laws currently apply.

• Explaining what the Second Amendment does and does not do: The courts have consistently said law-abiding people in America may have weapons to protect their homes but the Constitution does not mean everybody can have any gun they want. We will look at what the Supreme Court says about gun rights.

• Telling you why assault weapons are such a focus for anti-gun group: Most murders do not involve AR-15 style weapons but high-profile mass killings often do. Why? What is the history of assault weapon bans and what evidence is there that they reduce crime?

• Explaining “Red Flag” laws: Could they help reduce gun crimes?

This event is brought to you by the Indiana and Missouri Broadcasters Associations

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