How to Get More From Your Current Customers

Join this tremendous session – at no cost to you – and start the new year right!

Broadcast and digital sellers are always interested in skill sets that position them to sell more advertising to their existing accounts. Learn how to become a Doctor of Advertising solutions.  In today’s climate, how and why selling long-term campaigns is better than short-term.  We will also discuss why most contracts are sold with inadequate frequency to be effective.  Finally, we will cover pricing concerns and how to deal with them by understanding your customer’s margin and markups and why they are important elements in your selling process.

Chris Fleming is President of CD Media Consulting Victor Valley (CA), Executive VP and GM of El Dorado Broadcasters Victor Valley (CA) and Yuma (AZ), Exec VP and GM of Neuhoff Media Lafayette (IN), CRO and GM of Ramar Communications Lubbock (TX), Acct Dir and Mkt. Dev. Specialist of New Revenue Solutions Atlanta (GA), VP and Managing Member of CD Broadcasting Atlanta (GA), and Exec VP of Operations for Archway Broadcasting Atlanta (GA).