How to Quadruple Your Local Direct Sales

Presented by Paul Weyland, LBS Broadcast Selling Expert

Are you frustrated with being ghosted by “local direct” decision-makers? Sick of being shuffled off to do nothing “marketing directors”? Are you losing budgets to social media or tired of chasing after clients that never close? Done with being told you’re too expensive or that you’re not Number One?

Congratulations. You’re not alone. During this session, we will deal with these issues AND tell you the secret of how to quadruple your local direct sales. This session is timed well for helping you cinch up a little more 4th quarter business and will prove invaluable in your efforts to lock up long-term business for 2023. 

Paul Weyland’s speeches offer humor and good, concise information.  Attendees come away from his sessions motivated and armed with tools they can use immediately with a much greater understanding of how to stand out from the clutter and reach out to the people who need you the most.