Make a Better Offer (Or Someone Else Will)

Presented by Tim Burt, Local Broadcast Sales Creative Expert

If you want to see your clients increase their sales, they must create a stronger offer, and do it repeatedly. Most radio & TV ads these days simply brag about how awesome their business is – instead of making an offer. And the offers that are being made are – at best – bland.

In 2021, simply promoting free consultations and encouraging website or store visits are practically worthless.

As businesses reopen (or readjust) after 2020, getting traffic for your clients isn’t going to be enough to increase their sales. The real money is in the offer. And if you have clients who need more traffic and sales, then this is key to their (and your) success.

During this Second Tuesday LBS Webinar, Tim will show you REAL-WORLD examples of ways he’s doing this for his clients, and how you can quickly implement this strategy for your clients.