Over-The-Top: What every local TV and radio seller must know as you’re selling for, or competing against, OTT

This fast-growing segment of media sales is doing more than taking your money. In many ways, it’s defining the future of advertising. So, drop in and find out the things you should consider and know about what’s available to your clients on this “new TV” front. “But wait”, you say, “OTT isn’t television!” Really? Your advertisers think it is!

Hear Mark Landon, Co-Founder & Managing Principal at OTTBuyer.com. The site is a Recrue Media division, and it supports TV and radio stations nationwide to compete in the OTT space successfully. They are also a television media planning and buying company. They provide agencies and advertisers with high-quality video advertisement solutions. “Unlike other providers in this space, we do not own inventory; we resell it.”

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