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Any commercial advertisement for an Attorney/Lawyer in Missouri needs to include the following language:
“The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.”

FDA Regulations Regarding E-Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Godot Has Arrived:
The FDA Tobacco Deeming Rules Update
By: Gregg Skall
There has been a tremendous amount of information and opinion lately about teen use of vaping.

Broadcast of Lottery Information

Section 73.1211 of the Federal Communications Commission rules, titled “Broadcast of Lottery Information” generally prohibits the broadcast of any advertisement of or information concerning any lottery,

Missouri Rolls Out Medical Marijuana Program:  Can Advertisers Face Federal Criminal Charges for Running Ads for Related Services?

On December 8, 2018, Missouri’s Constitutional Amendment 2, which legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, went into effect.  Applicants who wish to become a qualifying patient may now submit an application and Physician Certification Form with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to become an approved medical marijuana user. 

CBD Oil Advisory

CBD Oil Advertising – Summary of Legal and Practical Issues
Prepared for the Missouri Broadcasters Association, June 7, 2019

Mark Sableman
Michael L.

Take Ads for E-Cigarettes? You Could…..Butt!

By Gregg Skall
Telecommunications Law Professionals, PLLC
It seems that a week does not go by without a call inquiring about advertising for e-cigarettes.

Cannabis Advertising

By Gregg P. Skall
Telecommunications Law Professionals, PLLC
Yesterday, January 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice rescinded the “Cole Memo” and other internal enforcement guidelines.

The FDA Tobacco Deeming Rules Are Here

By: Gregg P. Skall
Telecommunications Law Professionals, PLLC
The long awaited FDA regulations “deeming” e-cigarettes a tobacco product have, at last been issued and are to be published in the Federal Register today.

Contest Rules

By Gregg Skall
Telecommunications Law Professionals, PLLC
The Commission’s requirements governing the broadcast of licensee-conducted contests are set forth in Section 73.1216 of the Commission’s rules,