P1+ Training Program

STOP wasting your time and money on one-size-fits-all sales training.
P1+ is a targeted, hands-on training program that caters to the individual seller – not the group as a whole.

P1+ training is highly valuable, immersive, and the trainers actually care about how the program impacts their students’ future sales endeavors. They want to see sellers succeed, and they often follow up with past students to make sure that happens. The main focus of the program is on new sales reps in small to medium markets, and the idea is to provide hands-on experience (including homework assignments and giving an actual presentation) that can be used in the real world. Chad Cory is a sales manager in Kansas City who has utilized the training with a new employee, and he says the homework involved kept the employee engaged and held him accountable. Cory also believes the program is effective because it “covers the sales process from beginning to end, and it does a good job of addressing obstacles that all sellers will encounter.”

P1+ starts with the basics like sales lingo, then it helps boost students’ confidence by giving them immediately-applicable lessons, and it offers them personalized, professional coaching and feedback along the way. But the program isn’t just for new sellers; it also satisfies EEO requirements for your station, and, the P1+ coaches send a weekly report to sales managers, letting them know how their student is performing along the way.

To sweeten the already-sugary deal, the MBA is offering this specialized training to our members 100% FREE of charge! You bring in the new seller who has less than 2 years of experience in the field, we’ll cover the cost, and P1+ takes care of the rest. They will take that seller from “Rookie to Ready” – in 7 weeks or less, only utilizing 1-2 hours per week (depending on the student).

The MBA has a limited number of free licenses available for member stations who wish to have employees attend classes. Once the number of free licenses are exhausted, member stations may purchase licenses through the MBA at a discounted rate. If interested, please contact MBA’s Director of Member Services, Terri Stutheit, at tstutheit@missouribroadcasters.org.

You can visit the P1+ website for future session dates, and a week-by-week breakdown of the course: https://p1learning.com/p1-plus-sign-up/

Remember – you will need to register through the MBA to get the course for free!